We found out early on that regular cases just were not build to adequately handle the harsh treatment they would receive on the road. And if the cases can't stand up to it, then valuable equipment isn't properly protected. So we employee better, stronger materials and improved construction technics to create more structuraly robust cases able to withstand this punishment. We've been building our own cases for over 35 years to protect our equipment from the reality of the road and the very first case is still rolling. This experience is embodied in every case we build.

We specialize in custom, specialty and one-of-a-kind cases tailored to your specific needs. All of our cases are precision built from scratch by hand using the finest materials available with very close attention to detail. We also limit production quantities so that each and every detail of each case receives the attention it deserves. You can be assured that if you order multiple identical cases with multiple covers that any cover will fit any case.

Being a fully custom shop, every aspect of your needs and intended use will be considered. To this we will add our years of in-use experience to realize the optimum design for your cases. We offer numerous hardware, exterior and interior treatment options. Furniture grade equipment racks are also available for shock rack cases in a variety of wood species.

You've made a major investment in your equipment. You should have the best protection for your investment. We can provide you with a better quality case at a better price. We encourage you to shop around and then call us for a quote on cases that are built to last and will provide superior protection for your valuable equipment.

Case Features

  • Baltic Birch plywood substrate with .040 ABS laminate (not Mahogony with .020 ABS laminate) which yields
    panels with almost twice the stuctural integrity of "standard" case materials
  • All Rivets drilled and installed by hand (no machine 'stamped brad' rivets)
  • All Rivets have either back-up washers or metal plates for improved stress and stability performance
  • Double-wall Corner Extrusions and Full Interior wall Mate Extrusions with heavier walls (no thin-wall
    extrusions to accomodate 'stamped' rivets)
  • Highest quality 2 pound Ester foams used with foam/carpet hybrids for high abrasion applications
  • Highest quality Etha foams used for high weight applications
  • Built-in caster boards for fully ABS exteriors (no exposed wood and reduced weight) for most applications
  • Dust seals on Caster Ball-Races
  • Locking Casters brake the wheel and lock wheel position
  • All Bolts and Machine Screw hardware have Nylock Locking Nuts (not lock washers)