Custom Fabrication

At Beaver Werks we can provide a wide range of custom products and equipment systems for musicians, touring professionals, audio production and fixed installations. Drawing upon our years of experience in the design/build sector, we offer fabrication services ranging from simple connector panels to wiring assemblies to complete systems. In addition, we build some of the finest custom speaker enclosures and studio furniture around.

The goal is to provide our customers with a "custom shop" source for components, assemblies, cabinetry and systems that can't be bought "off the shelf" while assuring high quality, performance, reliability, longevity and ease-of-use. Got a system with too many connections? Our mass termination options can simplify your situation and save you time. We've been there and we know how it can be when the technical part interferes with the important part - the artistry and enjoyment of what you do for a living. This service is specifically intended to make your job and life easier. Need some help or just looking for something you can't find? Call us. We'll have some solutions waiting.
If you can think of it, we can probably build it.


  • in-ear monitor systems
  • mic splitter systems
  • pedal boards
  • connector panels and patch bays
  • wiring harnesses and systems
  • snakes and sub-snakes
  • stage set wiring systems
  • mass termination connectors
  • specialty speaker cabinets
  • racks and cabinetry
  • complete audio systems