Beaver Ranch Studio

Beaver Ranch Studio is situated on 15 scenic, tree covered acres in the Texas hill country only 10 minutes west of New Braunfels. The location is secluded yet convenient, is easy to get to and close to local ammenities. Years in the making, all design goals have been fully realized with amazing results (we've completed projects that required little or no mastering). It has a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere with exceptional acoustics and great gear at extremely affordable rates. The facility is available to all musicians and producers for tracking, mixing and mastering. On-site facilities include a green room with full kitchen and full bath with shower. Over-night accomodations are also available. The Studio is ADA friendly.

The studio features a spacious 380 square foot mix room and a 400+ square foot tracking room, both of which have acoustics designed using Live End Dead End technology with extensive use of quadratic residue diffusors, stone work and wood. The mix room is extremely neutral with a large "sweet spot" which assures acurate mixes that will translate well to other facilites and your finished product. The tracking room's acoustics are specifically trailored to enhance drums and acoustic instruments. The tracking room also has two guitar amp isolation cabinets for added tracking flexibility. In addition, there is an isolation booth large enough for two persons with a large work surface.

Playback in the mix room is via JBL Linear Spacial Reference 4328 monitors and is equipped for 5.1 surround. Large format stereo monitors, custom built using vintage JBL "alnico" components, are also provided. The Cue system for the tracking room is the Furman stereo plus 4 "more me" input local mix system with up to eight headphones. The Cue system for the isolation booth is stereo with it's own independent mixes.

The heart and soul of the studio is an analog input core utilizing a vintage Soundcraft console with 48 Europa preamps, Avalon U5, dbx tube preamps, a UA LA610mkii preamp and a 2-channel Grace Audio 201 preamp with ribbon mic specific input selection. And there are more preamps being added all the time for more flavor. There is also an extensive selection of analog outboard gear including compressors by Klark Tecknik, dbx and BSS 4-bands, Drawmer gates, FX units by TC Electronics (M-One, M-2000's, D-Two's) and Eventide (H-3000SE), Antares pitch correction and a TC Electronics Finalizer 96+ for multi-band processing and pre-mastering.

The "brains" of the studio are the digital I/O conversion, handled by 16 channels of Lynx Aurora hi-resolution converters, and a precision ultra-fast, redundant back-up mirrored RAID array recorder. Available platforms are Nuendo or Cubase 5 operating systems, with 24 additional channels via an Alesis HD24 linear hard disc recorder (and it's converters). Pro-Tools SE is available on request. There are also "plug and play" facilities for your recorder, application and any outboard gear you care to bring. The master computer is custom built using the Core i7 quad (2.66 gig each) Nanhalen core CPU and a three 1600meg buss EVGA motherboard and 6 gig of low latency RAM. This machine has separate drives for the OS, applications software, plug-ins and storage for no error ultra fast read/write time. It also contains a Universal Audio UAD-2 Nevana card, a TC Power Core card for enhanced plug-in performance. In addition, there is also a hi-rez stand-alone 2-track computer/recorder for waveform editing and pre-mastering utilizing Soundforge and Lynx II converters. Both computers are equipped with "swap" drives for easy data transfer and additional back-up capabilities. System sync is handled with an Apogy Big Ben clock.

No studio is complete without a great mic pack. Our crown jewel is the AKG C12VR tube mic. Also from AKG, we have a particlarly nice C414XLii multi-pattern, and great matched pairs of C414XLii's and C451's. We have ribbon mics from AEA, Royer and the new powered 4081 ribbon from Audio Technica. Also from Audio Technica, we have the 4060 tube, dual element AE2500's and multiple AT4033CL/SE, AT3035, ATM450 and AE3000 condensers with additional condensers from Rode (stereo pair), Shure 98's and a vintage MXL V67. We also have a very wide selection of dymanics from Beyer, AKG, AT, vintage EV N-Dymes, Blue and Shure.

We have an extensive (and still growing) 200 plus collection of VST2 plug-ins including the Waves Platinum Bundle, UAD-2 Nevana bundle (with 32 channels of Neve 88RS), Drumagog Platinum, T-Racks3 Mastering bundle, and plug-ins from Apogee, Steinberg, Sony and Izotope. We have multiple flavors of EQ, dynamics processors, multi bands, leveling amps, voice strips, tube modeling, amp modeling, pitch correction and transposition, precision mastering tools and 8 different revebs including reflection modeling, room modeling, the accalaimed TC Electronics VSS3 (derived from the M5000 system) and Steinberg's Reverence impulse modeled reverb.

Please call or email for rates, details, current upgrades and availability. We also encourage you to come by for a visit. We know you'll love it.